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 The Elements of the Professional Sustainable Self 

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Get a free copy of the first few chapters of the book 'The Elements of a Professional Sustainable Self'. 

Are you lacking in knowledge of who you really are? Are you a little bit clueless in what you do best and what is right for you? Do you want to know how you can contribute? Do you want to be part of something bigger and make an impact on a sustainable level. Both for the earth and for yourself?

This book provides you of practical tips and tools to find answers to these questions. Steer your career in the right direction in a practical way and be the motivated person with lots of energy and fulfillment to blossom you career with. 

Not sure if you want to buy the complete e-book? Just download the first few chapters of the book and find out if this book is the right tool for you. The first chapters will tell you more about:

  • Who I am

  • What the origin of this method is

  • Why this method helps you

  • What the method actually is

  • What the elements of a Professional Sustainable Self are

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